Monday 06/10/2013

Today I met up with Blake to brainstorm on the YouTube video. It was nice to touch base with her and get a feel for where this project is supposed to be. We made notes for some ideas and I shared some of my research with her. For the rest of the day I did office work at the NPS headquarters.

Tuesday 06/11/2013

It was a rainy day today so I spent the day at NPS headquarters doing office work and editing all my journal entries into my blog page. I posted all my pictures from the previous weeks and added captions to them. It was a really productive day. I got my blog up and running and it looks great!

Wednesday 06/12/2013

I spent the majority of my day in Culpeper meeting with Adam. I got a little lost on my drive out there and I passed Culpeper and was accidentally heading towards Madison. Opps! Thankfully Adam helped me figure out where I was and how to get to the VCE office in Culpeper. During our meeting we discussed the half day interpretation project and what the expectations for this project were. Adam also gave me the camera so I could start working on the YouTube video project. It was nice to check in and know that I was meeting expectations with the tasks administered to me. After our meeting, I set off towards home and stopped at the sign shop to check on the proof for the Montpelier LEAF site. Overall it was a great day even with getting lost. I always enjoy seeing new places and today was my very first time in Culpeper.

Thursday 06/13/2013

With the camera now in my possession and the research done for my YouTube video, I started to formulate an outline and reread documents from previous years interns. I am excited to start filming this project and can't wait to create an end product that I am proud of

Friday 06/14/2013

Finally a day with some nice weather. I used the opportunity to go hike the connector trail between the battlefield's Brawner Farm and the Conway Robinson State Forest. While hiking the trail, I saw not one, but TWO snakes! They must just know how much I love the company....

The trail was still muddy and wet from the rain earlier in the week so I only got to hike some of it, but I am going to hike the entire thing next week with Blake. It was great to get back out in the field and get familiar with the Brawner Farm area and to find the connector trail. Special thanks to Courtney today. I seem to get lost more often than not and she helped get me going in the right direction today. I saw some amazing butterflies today too. They were all grouped together and I got close enough to take a few awesome photos. The butterflies I saw today were Tiger Swallowtails and are common in all eastern forests.
6/27/2013 07:52:00 am

Based on today's conversation sent an e-mail to the PATC District Manager for the Annie Snyder Connector Trail. Before the third week in July we'll go inspect the trail (there was a sign six months ago) and take line trimmers with us to make certain the trail is open. Can't do much with the bugs though.

Adam Downing
7/11/2013 12:07:54 pm

Ashley, this is a great looking blog. It is well written, conversational, interesting and great pictures. Thanks for keeping it up.


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